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Jenco Technologies, Inc. is proud to annouce the launch of our NEW Optiva Video/Audio/Data Configurator! Please visit the Configurator Application Home Page for more information.

Your life just got a lot easier!  No matter if you need to design a video solution or an RF solution, you've come to the right place.  Quickly set up a free account today and start designing your solution!



Jenco Technologies, Inc is proud to announce the launch of our new RF Over Fiber Design Tool. Please visit the RF Over Fiber Design Tool Application Home Page for more information. The Design Tool facilitates the design of fiberoptic RF transport subsystems ranging from 50 MHz to 40 GHz. One may configure fiberoptic subsystems to meet requirements for:

  • RF Link Gain
  • Noise Figure
  • Input/Output IP3
  • Spur Free Dynamic Range
  • 1dB Dynamic Range
  • Carrier-to-Noise
  • Carrier-to-Interferer

CWDM/DWDM and EDFA options may be incorporated into designs. The tool provides system designers the means of going from design requirements to finished parts list. The Jenco team is always looking for innovative ways to make our customer's lives a little easier by providing straightforward solutions. Give the RF Over Fiber Design Tool a try today!



ETL Systems, one of the world’s leading RF manufacturers to the Satellite industry and JENCO Technologies Inc., a worldwide supplier of integrated communications solutions, have signed a Distributor Agreement. Per the agreement, JENCO will help to bring ETL Systems’ award winning RF design concepts and products to customers in the US, with a special emphasis in the Western US region.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ETL Systems,” said Stewart Robbins, JENCO CEO and Director of Sales. “Adding ETL Systems to our roster of exceptional partners allows us to meet our customers’ RF switching, combining and routing requirements, and so much more.”


JENCO Technologies is a leading provider of information technology and professional services, with a focus on RF and Fiber Optic delivery and Switching solutions, RF Test & Measurement, and IT systems. Key customers include the Military, Federal and State Governments, CATV, Broadcast, Education, and Enterprise clients. Being a small, woman owned company, JENCO excels in customer care and flexible, timely, innovative solutions to meet their customers’ needs. To learn more, please contact

About ETL Systems

ETLETL Systems has been designing and manufacturing RF equipment since 1984. Located at its purpose built secure facility next to the BT Madley Satellite Earth Station, ETL boasts RF testing facilities, software design, automated circuit board assembly, concept design areas, pick and place machinery as well as machining workshops. This means that design, production and maintenance can be carried out in-house under the umbrella of the newly awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

ETL’s heritage is in designing satellite signal routing solutions for Broadcasters, who demand hi-levels of RF performance, as well as redundancy and resilience. This expertise has been expanded to cover Government, Military, Marine, Private VSAT networks as well as global Satellite Operators.

ETL continues to invest heavily in Research & Development, to ensure that its RF components and rack mounted equipment meet the changing needs of the Satellite industry.

For further information, please contact 


Polatis Launches 192 x 192 Low Loss Optical Switch

New Series 6000 delivers the highest performance all-optical matrix switch in a compact form factor.


ANDOVER, MA and CAMBRIDGE, UK – February 28, 2012 - Polatis, Inc. the performance leader in all-optical switch technology, today announced its new Series 6000 Optical Matrix Switch - a fully non-blocking, all-optical singlemode fiber cross-connect for up to 192x192 fiber ports with less than 1dB typical optical loss. The Series 6000 doubles the maximum matrix size previously available from Polatis and is based on Polatis' patented DirectLight® optical switch technology, featuring leading-edge optical performance with enhanced energy efficiency and port density. The new product line will be demonstrated at the OFC/NFOEC show in Los Angeles next week. Production shipments commence in the second quarter of 2012.

The Series 6000 will be deployed across a wide number of applications ranging from secure government communications to data center virtualization, broadcast video distribution, satellite RF/optical link management, network testing and more. To satisfy these demanding applications, the Series 6000 extends the proven performance of Polatis' DirectLight® technology, including very low insertion loss, compact size, low power draw and fast switching speeds, to a larger matrix size at competitive pricing. The modular design of the Series 6000 allows both symmetric (NxN) and asymmetric (MxN) matrix configurations as well as a versatile customer-configurable option allowing any-to-any fiber connections.

"The capabilities Polatis brings to optical switching are unique and critical for defense, intelligence and secure communications applications," said Dave Eisemann, VP of Engineering at Transformational Security, LLC, a firm providing security and engineering solutions to US government agencies along with Fortune 1000 companies. "Extremely high optical performance with the lowest possible signal loss, no crosstalk, and transparent optical transmission is needed to preserve signal characteristics and link margins in government and defense applications," Eisemann said. "Polatis’ beam-steering technology is unmatched in this regard, an ideal solution which is now available in even higher fiber counts, with very low power consumption."

DirectLight® Optical Switch Technology

Like the Polatis Series 1000 and Series 2000 product lines, offering up to 96x96 ports, the Series 6000 is based on Polatis’ patented DirectLight® beam-steering technology which uses piezoelectric actuators to connect light directly between switch ports to achieve the best possible optical performance independent of the color, direction or power level of light on the fiber path. "DirectLight® is the industry benchmark for low-loss optical switching,® said Gerald Wesel, President and CEO of Polatis, Inc. "It has been proven in the most challenging defense, data center and telecom environments and by virtually all major network equipment manufacturers in automated testing of optical subsystems. Polatis offers the highest performance optical switching technology, with port counts now ranging from 4x4 to 192x192, at competitive price points."

Efficient Protection Switching

The Series 6000 switch enhances network availability by enabling fast automatic recovery from network equipment or fiber failures. Unlike other matrix switch technologies, DirectLight® allows optical connections to be established with or without light on the fiber, enabling pre-provisioning of dark fiber paths for disaster recovery, M:N protection switching, and intelligent network monitoring and test. DirectLight® supports truly transparent, protocol-agnostic connections and can switch bi-directional and transient signals used in FTTx access networks and other transmission systems.

Carrier Class Reliability

The Series 6000 optical switch features a resilient control architecture designed to maximize availability through use of distributed processing together with dual redundant control interfaces and power systems. Network interfaces provide support for SNMP, TL1 and SCPI protocols to allow seamless integration with higher-level management systems. An intuitive secure web browser GUI enables simple setup, provisioning, monitoring and control. Software can be easily upgraded in the field without affecting in-service switch operations.

Optical Power Meters and Signal Monitoring

Enhanced functionality options for the Series 6000 include optical power meters and optical signal monitors on every connection. These integrated features are ideal for network monitoring, cyber security, data mirroring and intrusion detection, as well as automated system test applications. Additional components can also be incorporated in the Series 6000 chassis to enable selective signal multicast and other functions to meet individual customer needs.

Visitors to the OFC/NFOEC 2012 exposition in Los Angeles, March 6-8, can see the Series 6000 optical switch demonstrated in the Polatis booth #915.

Also at OFC/NFOEC in the technical conference, Rich Jensen, Director of Architecture at Polatis, will present paper NW3F.7, co-authored with BT, on "Highly Scalable OXC-based Contentionless ROADM Architecture with Reduced Network Implementation Costs", on Wednesday, March 7th, at 2:45 p.m. in room 409A&B.

About Polatis

Polatis delivers the world's lowest loss all-optical switching solutions for remote fiber-layer provisioning, protection, monitoring, reconfiguration and test, with over 1,000 systems shipped worldwide. Dependable, field-proven DirectLight® optical matrix switch technology scales from 4x4 to 192x192 ports, applying leading-edge performance to provide dynamic optical networking for telecommunications, datacenter, government, test and video markets. To learn more please visit our website at:

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Jenco Technologies Inc is proud to announce the launch of BOTH the new Optiva Video/Audio/Data Configurator and RF Over Fiber Design ToolGive them both a try today! Sign up for an account, and start making your life just a little bit easier.